March 31, 2010



This is the story of how Shailesh Vara, M.P. for North West Camridgeshire, dealt with a serious crime committed against one of his constituents. I have since discovered that the perpetrator of the crime, has links with convicted pedophiles. The fact that this person was stealing data from people’s computers and that this data might have included family photographs of children, their names, ages, schools attended etc. ought to have rung some alarm bells. But nothing was done.

It has also emerged that this particular criminal was interviewed by the police in connection with allegations of conspiracy to murder and has served two jail terms for violent assaults on asian people. In addition, he was alleged to have published a bomb making manual that led to the death of a pregnant woman, her unborn child and the murder and maiming of many other people as well. This person has published many articles on the internet encouraging others to carry out suicide bomb attacks. At any time in the last few years Shailesh Vara and Home Office minister, Vernon Coaker, could have checked out what this evil man was writing on the internet, but they did nothing.

This raises several important questions.
1) Despite being told that this case involved data theft, racial violence, pedophilia and – as the Home Office must surely know – the perpetrator was known to be involved in terrorism, Vernon Coaker decided it was a matter for the local police – why?!

2) Why didn’t Shailesh Vara challenge Mr. Coaker on this?

3) It also seems extraordinary that Shailesh Vara advised me that the Home Office was the correct Government department to deal with racial violence, data theft, harassment and terrorism, yet according to Vernon Coaker, Mr. Vara was completely wrong about this. Why did Mr Vara let this pass without comment?

4) Shailesh Vara claims that he sent three letters and made four phone calls to the Home Office, yet no trace of these could be found. Why?

5) Even if the Home Office was/is in a state of turmoil, surely Vara must have been concerned that ‘no trace’ of THREE letters and ALL the phone calls, could be found. Yet Shailesh Vara expressed no surprise and gave scant apology for keeping me waiting for over a year.

6) I managed to get an answer out of the Home Office in three weeks and my letter was not ‘lost’ in the system. Yet all of Vara’s letters went missing and he still could not get a reply after over a year of trying. Despite all his warnings about the chaotic state of the Home Office, Mr. Vara made no comment on how odd this must have appeared to me.

7) Despite me telling Shailesh Vara that ALL of his letters to me were being delayed and opened, nothing was done. Does Mr. Vara think this is a normal state of affairs and isn’t it possible this is connected to the harassment my family is experiencing?

It would be interesting to know if Shailesh Vara ever wonders what happened to me and my family. Despite the horrible things that are happening to us, he never did write back and check that we were all right. Whilst his wife and children go about their daily business unhindered by harassment and vandalism, life for us is very different. Since our home address was stolen from our computer we cannot leave our car anywhere safely because it is vandalized. Dogs excrement is dumped in our drive, objects thrown at the house, our dog gets sick and we cannot let him off the lead in case he is poisoned. Thugs park in our drive to prevent me getting my car out, they also try to run me off the road. Our letters are opened and we are being subjected to a smear campaign in our local community. Needless to say the local police have done nothing to protect us and the harassment goes on year after year regardless. I have no confidence in the police anymore and my experiences are echoed by newspaper reports of many other victims who are being routinely abused without redress. Many of these long term ‘low level’ campaigns end up with the victim either being seriously harmed or committing suicide.

The police have attempted to criminalize me, claiming to ‘investigate’ rumors that my partner was missing and that the corpse was buried under a compost heap. When we wanted to know who had reported this to the police, the person could not be found. The crime was alleged to have been reported to an off duty police officer at a party, so there was no record. It took a total of eight police officers, four police cars and hours of police time to cause huge distress for me and my loved ones. Yet this is a constabulary that claims to be so short of resources that it cannot afford to investigate many crimes. I am not saying that a missing person is not of serious concern. However, when someone makes an allegation like this they should be named and interviewed formally at a police station, to prevent harassment and smearing of an innocent person’s reputation. When the police visited me, they left two police cars parked outside our house for over an hour, while they carried out their ‘investigation’ amongst my neighbors, thus destroying my reputation even further. The police were willing to do all this without any evidence at all and just on the say so of an anonymous person having a casual conversation at a party. Yet when I produced well documented evidence of harassment, supported by witness statements the police refused point blank to do anything at all.

I am afraid that Mr. Vara’s local policing solution to our problems has proved a complete failure. Shailesh Vara’s election literature says he is a strong advocate of law and order. It does appear that if you want justice in this world, you have to be wealthy and influential. For the rest of us there is only suffering and unfairness. I wonder if Shailesh Vara’s family realize just how lucky they are.

Mr. Vara needs to recognize that the Government’s ‘security’ policies have a very damaging effect on the lives of many innocent people. Turning away from this harsh fact just because one’s own family is protected is not morally acceptable. The law is not a toy for the Government to use to criminalize innocent people and Mr. Vara should stand up and defend his constituents against bullying.

Below is the chronology of my dealings with Mr. Vara. I have documented proof for most of this.

February 19th 2006

In February 2006 I wrote to the Rt. Hon Shailesh Vara M.P. to warn him that a publicly funded internet message board called ‘ BLINK ‘ (part of the 1990 Trust), was being used as a front for criminal activity.

Shailesh Vara was provided with a quote from the forum indicating that, amongst other things, it was being used as a public platform to incite racial hatred and violence.

Shailesh Vara was also told that private data from the hard discs of forum members’ computers, was being stolen by a computer hacker on the ‘ BLINK ‘ message board. some of this data was then posted in messages written by the computer hacker.

Shailesh Vara was then told that a female member of the message board was being attacked at her home and place of work and that the hacker was issuing threats to her in his posts on the ‘ BLINK ‘ message board. This lady was at that time undergoing treatment for cancer.

He was then shown a quote from one of the hacker’s message board posts.

It said that the woman “might have a nasty accident on purpose’.

Shailesh Vara was also supplied with a printout of text written by the hacker

which refers to the woman “having sex” with a specific partner.

This message from the hacker also went on to specifically name the woman’s profession.

In my letter I also went on to explain that my computer had been hacked as soon as I joined
‘ BLINK ‘ and that I had had similar experiences to other victims of this hacker. My postal address was stolen from some letters I had on my computer’s hard disc and fragments of other personal data – such as my name – began to appear in messages posted by the same person who was issuing threats to the woman.

I also told Shailesh Vara that in the same week that my computer was hacked, my family and I began to be stalked and harassed and my property was attacked.

A Few Days Later………

The publicly funded ‘ BLINK ‘ message board was abruptly shut down and all records destroyed.

March 10th 2006

I received a letter from Shailesh Vara saying the matter was being looked into and I will be hearing from him soon.

The letter had been sent first class in an envelope marked ‘House of Commons’. When it arrived it had already been opened and had been ‘delayed’ by five days. None of my other post was affected.

June 13th 2006

It is now now nearly four months since I first wrote to Shailesh Vara and apart from his original ‘holding letter’, I have heard nothing.

I wrote again requesting help. I expressed my concern that the publicly funded ‘BLINK ‘ mesaage board was shut down so soon after I wrote to him, yet I have not even been informed.

I emphasised (again) that the hacker has many sign-in names – FRANK TALKER, BICRE, LOUSIDLINESMAN and STONE,  are just a few of these.

I ask Shailesh Vara if he has now decided not to investigate the matter. I also informed him that matters are now very much worse. I explain to him that data concerning virtually every aspect of my family’s private life was stolen from documents on my computer’s hard disk. This data includes home address, family members’ places of work, National Insurance numbers, car registrations, signatures on scanned documents, private letters to my doctor, ex-directory ‘phone numbers and both our mothers’ maiden names.

I asked Shailesh Vara if in his view data theft, harassment and stalking are important matters. After all, four months is an awfully long time time to keep someone waiting for a reply.

June 23rd 2006

Still no reply from Shailesh Vara. In desperation, I wrote to David Cameron,, asking if he knows why Mr. Vara has not replied to my letters. David Cameron kindly forwards my letter to Shailesh Vara.

July 20th 2006

Over five months after my first letter to Shailesh Vara, I finally receive a reply dated the 26th of June and an agreement to investigate.

To summarise: the concerns expressed in my original letters, are that stolen personal data is being used to assist in the planning and execution of real world violence on victims at their home addresses and places of work.

Shailesh Vara says that the Home Office is the correct Government department to deal with matters such as this and agrees to contact the Home Secretary.

Shailesh Vara’s letter has been opened before it arrived and as you will note,  has been ‘delayed’ by a record breaking twenty five days this time. As before, none of my other post is affected.

And the long delay in replying? This was due to an ‘oversight’.

The reader should take special note of this oversight, as the mislaying of important letters will be a recurring theme in this article.

August 22nd 2006

Six months after I first contacted him, Shailesh Vara writes to the Home Secretary. I am told that this letter will ask important questions about the laws on data theft and the use of stolen data to facilitate real world harassment and violence on victims.

September 12th 2006

Still no news of a reply from the Home Secretary, to Shailesh Vara’s letter. I contacted Shailesh Vara’s office

and they promise to send a SECOND letter and also to telephone the Home Office.

I warn Shailesh Vara’s office that all his private letters to me are being delayed by up to three weeks and all have been opened before I receive them. Shailesh Vara’s office appear to think this is quite normal and fail to reply.

September 13th 2006

Confirmation from Shailesh Vara’s office that the SECOND letter to the Home Secretary has been sent and another telephone call made.

September 18th 2006

Shailesh Vara confirms in writing that he has sent a SECOND letter to the Home Secretary. Mr. Vara says that he understands we feel increasingly threatened by mounting levels of harassment, centring around our home address and in our daily life.

Mr. Vara also informed me that it is quite normal for the Home Office to take several months to reply to a letter – he does not condone it, but there it is. However, as the reader will note from my entries for the 1st and 22nd December below, I was able to get a reply from the Home Office in just over three weeks at my first attempt…………. Just beginners luck I suppose!

Shailesh Vara’s letter is late again (5 days this time and has been opened as usual).

September 29th 2006

I contacted Shailesh Vara’s office again. Still no reply from the Home Secretary.

Shailesh Vara’s office promise to ring the Home Office for a SECOND time.

October 6th 2006

Shailesh Vara writes to confirm that there is still nothing from the Home Secretary. The I.D. thief is still harassing us and the situation gets ever more dangerous. Some of the people he is using are real thugs and there have been several attempts to poison our dog.

Shailesh Vara’s office promise to telephone the Home Office for the THIRD time, to find out what the delay is.

Vara’s letter arrives opened, eight days after it was sent.

November 7th 2006

I spoke to Shailesh Vara’s office again today. Still no news from the Home Secretary.

They agree to ‘start from scratch’ with the Home Office and send a THIRD letter. A promise is made to make  yet another ‘phone call as well – this is the FOURTH one.

I make another attempt to get them to talk seriously about Shailesh Vara’s letters all arriving late and opened. Vara’s representative sounds un-perturbed, as if it is an every day occurrence. He doesn’t offer to investigate and seems oblivious to the fact that this is just one aspect of the harassment we are suffering from.

December 1st 2006

Still no communication from Shailesh Vara.
I finally give up hope and write to the Home Secretary myself.

I ask the Home Secretary why his department has not answered any of Shailesh Vara’s letters and telephone calls.

I enclose a printout of a message board post which contains stolen data specific to me and my family. The fact that this data belongs to me specifically is supported by documentary evidence.

The hacker has put his own name on the posting.

In my letter I made the following points very clearly:-

1) I told the Home Secretary, that this particular person is well known to the security services, having been imprisoned for crimes of violence and orchestrating racist attacks.
2) I also warned the Home Secretary, that this hacker has already organised racially motivated attacks on another female member of the message board. And that this was all the more brutal because she was undergoing treatment for cancer at the time.
3) I made it clear to the Home Secretary, that this is a well coordinated campaign of racist violence which is being assisted by data theft: namely the theft of names and addresses from the victims’ hard disks.
4) I emphasised that we need new harassment laws to cater for real world attacks that are facilitated by data theft.
5) I said that all the letters from my M.P. were arriving late and opened.

December 22nd 2006

A bombshell arrives from the Home Office.

Quote: “I have checked the Home Office records but I cannot trace having received any correspondence from your M.P. Shailesh Vara.”

So no trace whatsoever of the three letters which Shailesh Vara claimed to have sent to the Home Secretary. No record of all the telephone calls either.

To parraphrase Oscar Wilde,

‘To lose one letter might be classed as carelessness…….’

But to have no record of all those letters and calls seems………well a bit odd to say the least.

A curious aspect of this whole debacle’ is the constant ‘reassurances’ I received from Shailesh Vara and his office concerning the chaotic state of the Home Office during the period 2006-2007. I was  told on several occasions that getting a reply from the Home Office could take months. This was used to persuade me to wait just a few more weeks. And as those weeks turned into months, the same reason was given repeatedly.

Yet I managed to get a reply from the Home Office on my first attempt – and inside three weeks as well.

Shailesh Vara must be the world’s most unlucky politician.

January 23rd 2007

Another letter from Shailesh Vara arrives. It has been opened and is 8 days late.

Shailesh Vara confirms that he has again written to the Home Secretary. Mr. Vara says he has asked the Home Secretary what action the Government plans to take to protect people from the growing threat of identity fraud.

February 26th 2007

More than a year after my first letter, Shailesh Vara finally gets an answer from the Home Office. The enclosed letter from the Under Secretary of State, Vernon Coaker, is something of a disappointment. The central points of this tediously protracted correspondence with Shailesh Vara, seems to have been completely lost on Vernon Coaker.
Briefly, they were that:

1)    A computer hacker is systematically stealing the home addresses of many vulnerable victims from letters and documents on their computer’s hard disk.
2)    The hacker then uses this information to target real world violence and harassment against these people.
3)    He has a history of racial violence and many convictions.
4)    His real name appears on a piece of my stolen data, which has been posted on an internet message board.

The primary question for Vernon Coaker was put to him very clearly by Shailesh Vara (confirmed in his letter of the 23rd January) and in more specific terms by me in my letter to the Home Office. – What steps are the Government going to take to deal with real world violence and harassment, when these attacks are the result of data theft?

Vernon Coaker failed to address any of these questions in his reply. Instead he makes reference to the outdated ‘Protection From Harassment Act’ of 1997. It ought to have been obvious to the Under Secretary of State , Vernon Coaker, that this act is entirely inappropriate and quite powerless to deal effectively with these very specific internet based attacks.

Vernon Coaker makes no acknowledgement that the name of a highly dangerous, convicted criminal appears on a piece of my stolen personal data.

There is also no acknowledgment from Vernon Coaker, that proving harassment is being facilitated by data theft, is virtually impossible using the outmoded, pre-internet legal drafting of the 1997 act.

Vernon Coaker was told that all letters pertaining to this case were arriving opened and often weeks after posting, at my address, yet he did not think this is unusual enough to be worthy of comment in his reply to me.

One can only assume from their complete failure to address the issue, that both Shailesh Vara and Vernon Coaker think that having all of one’s private correspondence stolen and read, is a normal part of everyday British life in the 21st century.

Despite being told that I.D. theft is being used in a systematic campaign of targeted violence which involves many victims, Vernon Coaker fails to address this issue as well.

Vernon Coaker makes it very clear in his reply, that the use of identity theft to target organised campaigns of  violence and harassment against multiple victims is a matter for the local police and the local police only. In short, none of this falls within the remit of Home Office responsibility.

Enclosed with Vernon Coaker’s letter was the final communication from Shailesh Vara. It is interesting to note that he expresses no surprise whatsoever at the Under Secretary of State’s response.

Vernon Coaker flatly denies responsibility, yet it was Shailesh Vara’s idea to write to the Home office in the first place. Vara makes no appology for involving me in protracted correspondence with a Government department which he ought to have known was the wrong one.

I am at a loss to understand why an experienced M.P. like Shailesh Vara suggested this course of action at all.

Perhaps Vara can be excused for his confusion – the public face of the Home Office is very different from its private denials of responsibility. The Radio 4 ‘ Today ‘ programme carried the  following news item (paraphrased):

“The Government has announced that the Home Office will be responsible for gathering logs of internet activity and email traffic from all internet service providers”. Radio 4 ‘ Today ‘ programme 20-5-08

One can only assume that the reason for gathering this information is that it will be used to monitor the activities of criminals, who use the internet to assist them in carrying out illegal acts in the real world.

Without this justification, it would of course be a completely unwarranted intrusion into the privacy of millions of people.

Yet Vernon Coaker, Under Secretary of State denies that the Home Office deals with crime that is organised and facilitated by use of the internet and that this is entirely the responsibility of the local police.


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